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Have you recognized the spiritual warfare that surrounds us as Christians and as a nation? We are in times we have never known before. Those who are not paying attention to the battle will be deceived in the fight! These are not days for casual Christianity. In Spiritual Warfare and the Armor of God, you will be challenged and given powerful tools through the Word of God to bring the fight to where it belongs…not to a person, but to the enemy of your faith, your soul, your life and your families lives. The Armor is a way to be clothed in Christ on a daily basis and let Him fight our battles. Take the challenge and Armor Up! Take your stand in the Word of God…The Battle, the War, Belongs to the Lord!

The Warrior Within uses God’s Word to promote a healthy, Christian view of sexuality for young men. The book addresses wise friend choices, dating standards and boundaries, and establishing a solid foundation in Christ. Luanne is not afraid to confront other issues young men deal with that are not often discussed including the media’s selling of pornography, the battle of sexting, and friends with benefits. Using Biblical principles and testimonies, the book carries a necessary “tough love” message that will change the course of young men’s lives. They will be encouraged to embrace their true identity, to embrace the God who calls them, and to embrace the warrior within.

This is the Leaders Guide for The Warrior Within book. It is in PDF form and will be sent to your email upon purchase.

It is vital, in the hour we are living in, for teenage Christian men to not only hear but practice the truths of what it means to be a strong, godly young man. The Warrior Within Leaders Guide is to help guide and equip you, the group leader, to bring tough questions with answers to the group of young men under your leadership. The boys are hungry for answers and the truth of how to live in this culture spinning out of control…to embrace their true identity and embrace the warrior within each of them!

Young Hearts. Pure Lives. Encourages young women to believe that they are worth waiting for. With sound Biblical principles, the book instructs teenage girls to make wise friendship choices, to set standards and boundaries in dating relationships, and to recognize media deception in body image and the selling of sex. This book also confronts current teen issues including sexting, friends with benefits, bullying and many topics not often addressed with today’s teenage generation. Powerful testimonies and scriptural support offer a deep understanding of God’s tremendous love and plan for young women to stay pure in a reckless world.

This is the Leaders Guide for Young Hearts. Pure Lives. book. It is in PDF form and will be sent to your email upon purchase.

It is obvious that many of our teenage girls are falling prey to the culture around them. It is imperative for teenage Christian young women to hear and put into action the truths of what it means to live a life of true freedom in a culture spinning out of control. Young Hearts. Pure Lives. Leaders Guide is to help guide and equip you, the group leader, to bring very tough questions with answers to the group of young women under your leadership. These questions will bring great conversations where the leader can help bring godly encouragement and wisdom for their teenage girls to stand strong in this reckless world!