Ministry to Young People

The Lord planted a passion in my heart to speak into the lives of today teenagers the day a senior girl came into my Christian high school office and wept, “I am sleeping with my boyfriend, and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

From that moment and for the next 16 years, I shared the truth of Gods character, integrity, love and forgiveness as those young men and women searched for who they wanted to become in their faith in Jesus Christ. On a daily basis, the Lord brought one teenager after another into my office crying out for the truth about their relationship with the opposite sex. From those conversations and all of the heartache I heard regarding this one issue of sex outside of marriage, I began to teach the vital principles of sexual integrity to both high school girls and guys.

I heard the desperate plea for answers even when those answers were not popular. Because of those heart cries, I authored a book/workbook for high school girls titled, Young Hearts. Pure Lives and a book/workbook for high school boys titled, The Warrior Within. Both studies come with a leaders guide for parents, youth leaders, student leaders, and high school bible. The fruit of this ministry continues today.

Young Hearts. Pure Lives. focuses on the do’s rather than the don’ts. It encourages young women that they can stick to their standards even when a reckless world says they cannot…”

Lydia, Freshman, Bloomsburg University

I was reading the workbook last night and it was so hard for me to put it down.  Even though I’m not sexually active, it still had an effect on me.  It gives you so many guidelines… It’s amazing you have so much information! We all wish you could stay longer”

Michelle, Junior, Cheswick, Pennsylvania

The most valuable part of the series for me was the section on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. No one has ever spoken so truthfully on this subject. It affected our entire class.”

Kate, Senior, Forest Hills, Pennsylvania

There was one thing that I never knew before taking this class and now have such a great understanding is you can start over again…and how God has forgiven it all. It makes me realize I can be new again. I am grateful.”

Pam, Senior, Forest Hills, Pennsylvania

Luanne’s heart and passion to see young people walk in integrity comes through powerfully in her Young Hearts. Pure Lives. curriculum.

Luanne’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to sexual purity is exactly what our young people need. She has a unique God given ability to speak directly to young people!”

Dale McLane, Headmaster, Trinity Christian School

Luanne presents the truth in a way that is direct, loving, and appplicable to young women. This curriculum breaks through the lies that threaten the blessing and joy that God desires for His daughters. ”

Julie H., Mother of 2 daughters, North Carolina

As a guidance counselor, I appreciate the safe enviroment Luanne creates to talk about sensitive subjects in a matter of fact, honest way. She offers hope for all students no matter what they have done in the past and calls them to a higher standard. Students are thirsty for adults to speak the truth to them which is exactly what Luanne does.”

Naomi Oosting, Beaver County Christian School

I am so excited to use this program next year as actual curriculum. It’s raw, real, and honest. That’s what most kids are missing these days.”

Vanessa T., Teacher, Daytona Beach, Florida