Ministry to Women

A Few Message Titles:

Hold Your Peace

Surrender the Secret

The King Has One More Move

Shame Off You

In 2005 God began to direct me into women’s ministry as a leader in my local church ministry.  Beginning with that one step of obedience, I have had the incredible opportunity to share the unending hope we have in Christ to hundreds of women, women who are strong in Christ and those who have become truly weary in their journey.  My desire, through retreats, conferences, and bible studies is to bring a timeless message of God’s redemptive grace and His redeeming power.

I have personally walked a road of confusion and power, fear and fulfilled promises.  So I get it – I understand both sides of the journey.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the video clip from – “the King Has One More Move.”  God always has your breakthrough at hand – You are never without hope!  He loves you so.

It would be a blessing to come and speak to your women’s group encouraging and strengthening them in this hour of hope. I would also make myself available to speak to your women about the teenagers in their lives. Giving tools for them to use as they are guiding their teen girls and boys in this culture that is spinning out of control. Please feel free to contact me on the contact page.