My Hope Comes From Him

Isn’t it amazing how we are anxious over so many things in our lives from the smallest irritation to the greatest situation? When the King of the Universe–think about it–the King of the Universe, has everything in the palm of His hand. How is it that we doubt? It’s only when we truly come to that place within that trusts Him to lead as He so capably can, to move with our best interest and greatest pleasures at heart, that we will find a place to rest in who He truly is to us—rather than to believe what our circumstances are screaming at us.
Trust Him. Hope in Him. He’s got this. He loves you so.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that God is in control! What I needed right now!
    Nurse Michael, your cousin) shared your podcast with me. What a gift in the mist of the storm and chaos!

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