Enjoy His Embrace…

Knowing that we have been chosen by God to live in His Kingdom because of His love and the life and blood of Jesus just overwhelms me. It seems too good to be true when you think about it…we were chosen to be His. I’m teary-eyed just writing it. What did we do to ever deserve that? And what would we ever do without Him? I know there is nothing more important to His heart than intimate fellowship with Him on a day to day basis. He’s got our life, our present, our future, our past, our friendships, our relationships, our health, our dreams, our hearts, our ministries, our joys, our laughter, our pain, our questions and everything else right in the palm of His hand. To rest there is the key of life. Why we wiggle out of that at times I have no idea. Rest in the comfort of knowing you are His…Enjoy His Embrace!

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